Approved by state government of Uttar Pradesh Azea Botanica, a flourishing Real Estate project funded through FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) is a prime venture in the regal city Lucknow adding another feather in its crown with several amenities to cherish by the local people and experience something advance. Being situated in a constantly developing city and profited with 100 percent Direct Investment from oversees, it allows all round development of the society and people both. Azea Botanica Housing Project brings Singapore Lifestyle at your door with its venture at Vrindavan Yojna by offering a blend of two comprehensive lifestyle of modernity with culture affluence at one place, thus it is a good deal for the first time house buyers who wants to invest for their present and future.

FDI funded Real Estate projects and their benefits:

To empower the Indian real estate industry fulfilling its enormous investment requirements and profiting on the vast opportunities for large-scale real estate developments, the sector needs investor-friendly, streamlined policies from the Government. Foreign direct Investment is listed as one such government investor friendly policy.

FDI in real estate can create major inflows of funds that can enhance domestic investment to achieve a higher level of real estate development in the region.FDI can certainly bring in new ideas and technologies, which would enhance the efficiency of the Indian construction industry. A major part of the cumbersome procedures of the government and RBI are simplified with the FDI policy. So, the impact on the real estate industry can be significant, leading to increased competition levels among the local developers, in terms of price, quality and timing.

The potential of growth and contribution of the real estate industry to the GDP is tremendous in India, as compared to other countries.  Azea Botanica gives new fascinating reason for all to sense the prodigal International lifestyle in Lucknow. Completely refined and sophisticated architecture homes were designed with advance ideation inculcating Singapore avant-gardism, developed by Azea Botanica, along with vital green environ and noticeable architectural ambiance of Lucknow city.

Azea Botanica is a FDI endowed venture developed in a serene ambience close to mother nature  to offer you some leisure time to spend with your family and friends, This plush housing project is bestowed with various factors improving the lifestyle quotient of the residents living within.