International Day Of Peace: Improve Life Across The Globe

Every year, the International Day of Peace, which is also known as Peace Day, is observed across the world on September 21. The United Nations (UN) has declared this day devoted to strengthen peace among all the people and nations, and protect the planet by tackling   environmental degradation, water scarcity, diminishing natural resources, diseases, and more. The UN has emphasized the need for peace and sustainable development, which reinforce and liberate the resources required for societies to grow and prosper.

People in cities and villages worldwide engage on Peace Day in meaningful ways. Azea Botanica, an upcoming world-class lifestyle condominium, located amidst acres of tranquility and solace at a prime location in Vrindavan Yojna, Lucknow, has also tried to contribute to International Peace Day by providing homes, coupled with contemporary lifestyle, and surrounded by a clean green environment, thus addressing the environmental and health issues of people.    

Situated away from the hustle and bustle and frenzied city life, Azea Botanica, which is inspired by the garden city lifestyle of Singapore, provides ample green cover for you to refresh yourself. Right from beautifully landscaped themed garden with water bodies, to fresh and cool breezes streaming inside, to lush green jogging track, you will be able to unwind yourself with your family after a tiresome day’s work at this marvelous green haven.

Azea Botanica’s environment-friendly structure is designed to provide abundant sunlight, fresh air and open spaces for you to enjoy Mother Nature amid fragrance of blooming flowers and chirping birds. Not to forget, the top class amenities such as in-house gym, yoga centre, swimming pool, multipurpose auditorium, round-the-clock manned perimeter security, CCTV cameras, uninterrupted power and water supply, to name a few, which would make your stay more luxurious, safe and hassle-free.   

So, come and explore Azea Botanica, where all your aspirations and dreams of leading a peaceful modern lifestyle amidst clean and green environment would come true in the most fabulous manner.