Live Life to the Fullest at Azea Botanica

We are all aware of the fact that healthy habits like exercising, eating well and staying away from harmful substances such as cigarette or alcohol really make a lot of sense. Any healthy habit is like a positive behavior, which would benefit your emotional, mental and physical health. Leading a healthy life will make you feel energized and improve your wellbeing. However, there are people, who find it hard to develop healthy habits owing to various reasons, such as lack of interest, hectic work and household schedules, or even lack of proper facilities and equipment. But if they are willing to make some sacrifices in order to better their health, the results will be far-reaching, irrespective of physical ability, age or sex.

Azea Botanica, a unique residential project, which is inspired by the Garden City Lifestyle of Singapore, firmly believes in the philosophy of living a healthy life. Azea Botanica not only offers beautifully designed spacious rooms but also provides a state-of-the-art gym, yoga centre, jogging track, swimming pool, kids play area, and more, where residents of all ages can engage in different physical and mental exercises, enabling them to remain fit and active. Moreover, the lovely sight of sprawling green cover in the form of trees, plants, flowers, clean water bodies and earth mounds at Azea Botanica create a highly soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere, where regular workout, meditation or jogging will become a habit and less of a burden for you.

The fully equipped gym at Azea Botanica provides a range of high-end fitness equipment and machines to work out, while enjoying the gorgeous view of landscape garden outside. You can choose from resistance equipment including free-weights, cardiovascular machines such as rowers and treadmills and fitness aids like Swiss balls. On the other hand, explore a holistic and natural approach to health, fitness and happiness at the yoga centre, where you’ll be able to discover simple yet intense guidelines to understand and handle life, and turn problems into challenges, which you can easily overcome.     

Kids, adults and senior citizens can benefit from the manifold advantages of swimming, especially during the summer season, through indoor/outdoor swimming pool, splash pool and kids water playground present at Azea Botanica. Also, feel the morning dewdrops, fresh morning air or the chirping of birds in evening while having a leisurely walk on the jogging track with your family, and not to forget, a dedicated kids play area, where children could engage in playful activities such as climbing rope walls, balancing on seesaw, running through tires, and more.

Amid a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle, which a majority of people are leading, it becomes all the more essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Azea Botanica is an ideal destination that provides a clean green environment and a host of health and wellness facilities, all at one place, for you to explore and reap benefits from, a place where the ambience and facilities will encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.

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