Living the Singapore lifestyle in Lucknow

Popular as the Garden City, living in the cosmopolitan Singapore can be a dream for many. The island country is the perfect blend of urban modernisation and Asian culture. But not all of us can pack our bags and simply jet to another country and we don’t even have to. You can now experience the Singaporean lifestyle in Lucknow itself with Azea Botanica – a project inspired by Singapore, the Garden City.

Singapore is indeed a cosmopolitan place with a blend of different cultures – Indian, Malay and Chinese. It is an amalgamation of old and new, East and West. These striking paradoxes are what make it a rich country in terms of its lifestyle. The country has stuck a balance between its swanky shopping malls, flashy skyscrapers and its reputation of being the world’s greenest city.

Taking its tag of being the Garden City rather seriously, Singapore’s efforts to go green are not just about parks and gardens, they extend to construction as well as a sustainable living. It is also about opportunity, variety, and convenience. With close proximity to educational, entertainment, healthcare, and recreational facilities coupled with an affordable public transport system to reduce traffic congestion, environmental concerns have been prioritized.

Inspired by its dedication to offer its residents the best living standards, Azea Botanica offers the grandness of the Singaporean lifestyle in a clean, green and safe environment with comfortable housing, education facilities, and extensive health and wellness services.

Singapore imbibes the ‘work hard, play hard' culture in every way possible and whole-heartedly keeping up with this way of life, Azea Botanica offers office spaces as well as other extravagant amenities so that you can unwind and relax after a hectic day. From an elite club house to a 3D movie theatre, kids’ zone and creative centre, an opulent restro & bar coupled with a gym and spa – you can experience an indulgent lifestyle while revelling in the glory of nature.

The integrated township is green, airy and spacious marked by deluxe architecture. Azea Botanica assures its residents a luxurious lifestyle in the lap of Mother Nature.  A botanical garden, along with a diverse range of flora and fauna, everything is designed in harmony with nature. Not to forget that approximately 80 percent of the green area has been assigned for landscaping. It is safe to say that Azea Botanica is living up to its promise, wholly justifying the concept of providing the garden city lifestyle of Singapore in Lucknow.

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