Making People Partners for International Day of Disaster Reduction

International Day of Disaster Reduction, which is observed on October 13, celebrates how communities and people across the globe are decreasing their exposure to natural disasters and eliciting awareness about the significance of checking and controlling the risks they might face. The United Nations (UN) sees this day as a mode to promote a culture of disaster reduction and risk awareness among the people around the world, including disaster mitigation, prevention and preparedness. International Day of Disaster Reduction encourages every person, government and community to take active part in building disaster resilient nations and communities.

Azeagaia Development Pvt. Ltd. has also been encouraged by the principles of International Day of Disaster Reduction, and has come up with a distinctive housing project, Azea Botanica, Lucknow, boasting of earthquake-resistant design and structure. As Lucknow falls in the seismic zone III, earthquakes of maximum magnitude of 7 Richter Scale value can occur in this zone. Therefore, Azeagaia recognizes the importance of good configuration involving modern techniques in designing an earthquake-resistant structure, and has built Azea Botanica building, which can handle earthquakes of magnitude 9 on Richter scale.    

The main contributor of partial or total collapse of the building during an earthquake is weak masonry building (rammed earth, rubble stone) or unreinforced concrete and brick block masonry that collapses. Moreover, asymmetrical geometric shape of the building results in irregular distribution of seismic forces, hence making the building vulnerable to damage and collapse. Engineers and architects at Azea Botanica have ensured that only the best building materials are used and the overall geometric shape of the building is in sync with the final design layout.      

Azea Botanica’s design and structure have been meticulously devised in a way to absorb and dispel force supplied by ground movement in an earthquake so that the structure remains unharmed, functioning like a shock absorber. Azea Botanica’s earthquake resistant structure helps in limiting the building’s motion during an earthquake, as a result, preventing structural damage.

As economic prosperity and awareness towards disasters is increasing, people not only want a house with all the modern amenities, but also a home where they could feel completely safe during a natural disaster. Azea Botanica meets the expectations and requirements of every person, who is looking for a rock solid house, which could withstand the effects of a natural disaster effectively.