General Features

General Features:

  • 80% Lush Green Landscape

  • Illuminated Facade

  • Grand Green Entrance Plaza

  • Tower Entry & Exit

  • Tower Entry From Central Green

  • Emergency Entry & Exit

  • Pool Deck

  • Shade Green

  • 6 Metres Wide Raod

  • Basement & Stilt Parking

  • Boundary & Buffer Plantation

  • Covered Sit Out

  • Shade Garden

  • Earth Mounts

  • Pavilion

  • Hanging Garden At Pool Deck

  • Individual Covered Tower Drop Off



Azea Botanica is dipped in Garden City Lifestyle of Singapore all around. 80 percent lush greenery and grand Green Entrance plaza feel you awesome in lap of nature. Inspired by the beautiful gardens, the community located on the National Highway 24B, will be a Dream Destination for all those who love to be close to Nature even while they stay close to city conveniences. 80% Lush Green Landscape

The lush green Real Estate has an impressive environment friendly and energy efficient profile. The benefits are:

• Reduces waste streams during constructions

• Uses energy and water in a significantly, more measureable, efficient way

• Reduces operations and maintenance costs

• Built to minimize their impact on the land on which they stand and the ecosystems around them

• Built with sustainable produced recycled and recyclable materials and products

Emergency Entry & Exit

An emergency exit in a structure is a special exit for emergencies such as a fire or any other: The combined use of regular and special exits allows for faster evacuation, while it also provides an alternative if the route to the regular exit is blocked by fire, etc.

Basement & Stilt Parking

Stilt Car Parking space in a co-operative society is the space which is not open from top, meaning thereby that it is under the stilt or the building constructed for the flats. It is having a ceiling. It is having a roof on its top.

New build basements are constructed using reinforced concrete this can be used to provide thermal mass which can help to naturally regulate the internal temperature of the building. The benefits of thermal mass are maximised where the basement is insulated and waterproofed externally.

Shade Gardening

Moisture doesn’t evaporate as rapidly in the heat of summer reducing the need for watering. Pests seem to be less of a problem in the shade. This includes weeds because weed seed germination is poor in shady situations. Once established, a shade garden is fairly low maintenance. The biggest problem in shade gardening is selecting the right plants.

Covered Sit Out

The main living-dining area opens out into a covered sit-out space which extends into the garden at one level and flows into the passage and family-lounge above at other level.

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