Azea Botanica Where Garden City Lifestyle of Singapore Awaits You

Living the Singapore Lifestyle is now no longer a distant dream for Lucknowites. The inauguration of Project Azea Botanica, with the tag pinned ‘Back to Nature’ in Vrindavan Yojna would enhance living to an entirely different level. Azea Botanica is all about greenery, inspired by the concept - "Singapore A Garden City". Assigning 80 percent of the green area for landscaping and, that too in its truest sense, gives a feel of being in the lap of nature, justifying the tag line, “Back to Nature” perfectly. The green does not mean just the grass cover, but adding a variety of flora and fauna, bringing nature closer to all, even with the concrete jungle around; thus improving overall, the quality of life.


Back to Nature

Over the foul flows of busy bustle full city life Azea Botanica brings you the vigorous life in nature’s lap where you can breathe the fresh oxygen and feel exotic like never before. We show our immense love for Mother Nature by dispersing its blessings for you.   

About Garden Lifestyle of Singapore

Singapore is an intriguing blend of Western modernity and Asian culture. For first-timers, it’s an excellent way to get introduced to living in Asia. Within a total area of about 700 square kilometers, you’ll find gleaming skyscrapers, Chinese shop-houses, Malay mosques, Hindu temples, and endless chains of air-conditioned shopping malls. It is safe, clean, and green - proud of its reputation as a Garden City.

Singapore’s dazzling shopping malls, beautiful steel tempered buildings and roads, lavish restaurants, pubs and other food joints, lovely residential areas, domestic companies and exotic sightseeing options established the ethnic and happening milieu of Singapore. This place assures its residents best quality lifestyle. It is considered as the best city of the world in terms of living standards. The various lavish amenities offered by Singapore comprise clean and safe environment, extensive medical services, comfortable housing facilities, world-class education and much more. Because of its cosmopolitan culture and extravagant luxurious lifestyle it charms the tourist’s crowd and become most admirable tourist destination of the world. Also know that Singapore is the 13th most expensive city in the world, for expatriates.

The main working language of Singapore is English. However, this Island country is a multi-cultural society. Information and telecommunication facility of Singapore are also well established and it actually helps in connecting this small country with the rest of the world. Moreover, cost effective and convenient are the terms that aptly define the public transportation of Singapore. Singapore has a socio-cultural environment. This tiny country celebrates each and every single festival with loads of enthusiasm and passion. 

About Azea Property Investment (AZEA)

Azea Property Investment, a Singapore based company is a leading Real Estate Developer Firm which has invested, managed and transacted more than US$200 million properties worldwide. The company also runs a property club with more than 3,000 members coming from 17 different countries. They actively invest in properties all over the world at below market value. Azea Property Investment empowers their members by educating them with different strategies in property investment to enable them to build their property portfolio quickly and easily.