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Azeagaia Development Private Limited is a prominent Indian real estate firm, promoted by Singapore-based companies through the automatic foreign direct investment route (FDI), having considerable experience and expertise in real estate development market and advisory services across the world. Our area of specialization lies primarily in the development of Residential Townships, Commercial Buildings and Developmental Projects.

Go Green with Azea Botanica

Go Green with Azea Botanica

People across the world celebrated 5th June as World Environment Day some planted trees and decided to reduce usage of plastic, while others became more mindful about how their daily activities are affecting the environment. It shouldn't be a one-day activity. We live in a time where the environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate and amidst the awareness campaigns and tree plantation drives, there is still a lot that needs to be done on a day-to-day basis to deal with the issues that plague our ecosystem.

Among the many things that actively impact our ecosystem in a negative manner, construction activities also have a major role to play. Hence, right from the design of the building to materials used, residential buildings need to follow certain green practices that will help to reduce damage to the minimum.

While there are many regulations in place for residential (and commercial) buildings to minimize damage, not many are aware of the rules and hence do not adhere to them. For example, did you know that as per the LDA, residential structures are supposed to have a certain number of trees to be planted and maintained by independent house owners and housing societies.

Here are some other ways housing societies and residential complexes can become more eco-friendly:

Save Energy

Switching to energy efficient appliances, LED lights, ensuring proper ventilation and installing solar panels are some of the sustainable options to reduce energy consumption in residential buildings. Solar panels help in reducing electricity bills as well as the carbon footprint. Azea Botanica has a very environment-friendly and energy efficient profile that ensures the reduction of waste streams during construction, efficient use of water and energy, reduced operations and maintenance costs and use of recycled and recyclable materials and products.

Green Cover & Tree Plantation

The rate at which trees are being planted is nowhere near the rate at which they are being cut down. More and more people need to be encouraged to plant trees, maintain gardens and a healthy green cover around their homes and actively participate in tree plantation drives to spread awareness. Inside homes, people must include indoor plants that purify air naturally in their decor. Our real estate project offers an 80% lush green landscape with a shade garden that ensures that moisture isn’t lost as rapidly in summers, thereby reducing the need for watering.

Waste Management

Waste management is a huge problem in our country and instead of relying on authorities, people can adapt better waste management methods. The best way to begin is to segregate waste. Each house should have separate dustbins to dispose of wet and dry waste. This will help in recycling materials like metals and re-usable plastics. The wet waste can be turned in to compost and used as manure in gardens.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water shortages have become a looming issue all over the world. The fact that Cape Town has already run out of water should be enough to understand the severity of the situation. In India itself, water cuts are all too common during the summers. As a solution, societies can install a rainwater harvesting system. Consider them as an investment that will help the environment and ensure that residents have a consistent water supply throughout the year.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The rainwater harvesting system can be boosted up by installing an in-house sewage treatment plant in societies. This way wastewater can be recycled and used for other purposes such as gardening and cleaning. Like the water harvesting system, a treatment plant is also an investment that will help save up monthly water bills. Real estate projects – both residential and commercial should work towards design strategies that reduce the burden on resources, thereby curbing the impact on their surroundings. Going eco-friendly will not just ease the negative impact we have on the environment, it will also help cut-down the overhead costs and benefit the people occupying those spaces by creating a healthy indoor/outdoor environment.

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