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Azeagaia Development Private Limited is a prominent Indian real estate firm, promoted by Singapore-based companies through the automatic foreign direct investment route (FDI), having considerable experience and expertise in real estate development market and advisory services across the world. Our area of specialization lies primarily in the development of Residential Townships, Commercial Buildings and Developmental Projects.

Living in a Gated Community gets safer with Azea Botanica

Living in a Gated Community gets safer with Azea Botanica

Living in a gated community has much to offer whether it’s safety, amenities, luxury and the neighbourly appeal. Gated communities offer more than just a home for you and your family. You get the assurance of top quality services, protection from noise and pollution from the outside as well as round the clock security system.


Most people prefer gated communities because of their enhanced architecture, additional security and luxurious recreation facilities. Restricted access to pedestrians, 24x7 surveillance in common areas, and certain security features are what makes living in a gated community even safer. Azea Botanica at Vrindavan Yojna in Lucknow is a gated community group housing luxury project offering state of the security facilities. Generally, the top builders take these measures to ensure perpetrators do not enter the premises of a gated community.


Why Senior Citizens Prefer Moving Into Gated Communities?

The term ‘Senior Citizens’ doesn’t apply to old and retired people anymore. Senior citizens just happen to be retired, financially stable people who happen to be above 60. In recent times, senior citizens have become game changers of the real estate industry. They have turned to live independent and peaceful lives away from the maddening crowd they lived with for most of their lives.

This interest in moving into calm communities close to nature has become a trend many are pursuing it for various reasons.


Here’s why senior citizens prefer moving into gated communities:


  • Need For a Secure And Peaceful Retirement Life

After a long career spanning decades in cities, senior citizens like to move into a home that offers them peace and security. They look for communities that let them stay connected to the rest of the world while providing serenity. Well-equipped homes within world-class communities are a preferred choice for senior citizens.


  • Life Made Beautiful By Nature

With age, you begin to appreciate peaceful greens and tranquility. Senior citizens get tired of the hassles of living in the city and prefer moving away from the crowd and noise. Gated communities offer them peace and quiet they want.


  • An Investment For The Future

Senior citizens retire with company benefits and savings from their own hard-earned money. The look for quality developments that they can invest their honest earnings in. The property they choose to invest can get them good rental yields or could be an investment they make for the coming generations. Gated communities are the ideal investment that fits this bill.


  • Rental Yields

Real Estate is always a preferred investment when it comes to meeting expectations of a good ROI. Gated communities are always a sure shot investment that gives investors more than what they put in. Add to this, the scope for renting out your home for good rental yields. Senior citizens can use this money for their expenses or use it for more investments.


A lot of senior citizens these days focus on not just investing in real estate but also want to create a diverse portfolio for them. Gated communities offer them most of what they look for in an investment.

Safe, secure, self-sufficient and located close to nature, Azea Botanica is a gated community that meets all requirements with its 3-Tier Security System including 24X7 Gated Security, CCTV Surveillance, Video Door Phone, and Intercom System.

If you are looking for a home within a gated community, then look no further than FDI Funded Group Housing Project - Azea Botanica at Vrindavan Yojna in Lucknow.