The Developer

Azeagaia Development Private Limited is a prominent Indian real estate firm, promoted by Singapore-based companies through the automatic foreign direct investment route (FDI), having considerable experience and expertise in real estate development market and advisory services across the world. Our area of specialization lies primarily in the development of Residential Townships, Commercial Buildings and Developmental Projects.

Azea Botanica Where Garden City Lifestyle Of Singapore Awaits You

Azea Botanica Where Garden City Lifestyle Of Singapore Awaits You

Living the Singapore Lifestyle is now no longer a distant dream for Lucknowites. The inauguration of Project AzeaBotanica, with the tag pinned ‘Back To Nature’ in Vrindavan Yojna, would enhance living to an entirely different level. AzeaBotanica is all about greenery, inspired by the concept - "Singapore A Garden City". Assigning 80 percent of the green area for landscaping and, that too in its truest sense gives a feel of being in the lap of nature, justifying the tag line, “Back to Nature” perfectly. The green does not mean just the grass cover, but adding a variety of flora and fauna, bringing nature closer to all, even with the concrete jungle around; thus improving overall, the quality of life.

Back to Nature

Over the foul flows of busy bustle full city life AzeaBotanica brings you the vigorous life in nature’s lap where you can breathe the fresh oxygen and feel exotic like never before. We show our immense love for Mother Nature by dispersing its blessings for you.