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The Singapore Garden City Lifestyle nearing possession

Happiness in one’s life cannot be calculated in numbers but can be measured through the lifestyle you live. Your lifestyle forms the base of how happy you feel about your life. Thus, Azea Botanica brings the Singapore Garden City Lifestyle in the City of Nawabs – Lucknow, by offering Luxury Apartments in the lap of Mother Nature as the core element.

Lush greenery all around, sprawling luxurious ambiance, a perfect host of amenities as an added advantage, and a lifestyle of your dreams… No, we aren’t talking about any exotic location here, but Azea Botanica – a Luxury Group Housing Project in Lucknow.

Singapore is an island country and a city both – with a perfect mélange of natural and modern resources. It is the only country to incorporate mandatory green buildings. It is the country with a core value that says the family should be the focal point of all welfare.

Singapore completely justifies its title of Garden City, as it has got greenery blooming in every nook and corner giving the feel of a garden. Promoting Singapore’s nature-driven lifestyle, Azea Botanica takes a cue in building a housing project which exuberates the luxury and greenery of Singapore.

The Lifestyle of Singapore:

Singapore is a small city with big aspirations. Within an area of about 700 Sq. Kms., it enfolds everything, from gleaming Skyscrapers, Temples, Malay Mosques, Shopping Malls to Sprawling Parks & Gardens. The family is considered the most important unit in Singapore and despite materialistic goals, the well-being of the family or the community is never neglected. In terms of living standards, Singapore secures its place among the best cities worldwide as it provides its residents the quality lifestyle they dream of. Moreover, the safety of its citizens and the cleanliness of the country are always well-maintained. Furthermore, the tourist attractions have made Singapore all the more fascinating place and one of the most favorite tourist destinations.


Azea Botanica: Offering you a Quality Life

Now, after reading much about Singapore and its lifestyle, you might be yearning to move to this beautiful country. However, that’s not possible for everyone. Thus, Azea Botanica bridges the gap and brings to you a lifestyle you desire – in your very own city, Lucknow. In the bustling life of an urban city, Azea Botanica brings a breath of fresh air. It aims to bring its residents closer to Mother Nature. You can breathe in the refreshing air every morning, or take a relaxing stroll every evening in the Lush Gardens, or just sip a cup of coffee with your spouse sitting in the balcony of your house and admire the greenery outside. So, for the residents at Azea Botanica, they would not need to get away anywhere else to enjoy nature’s charm. Even with concrete jungle around, Azea Botanica has been set up in a wide expanse of beautiful flora & fauna. About 80 percent of the green area has been assigned for vertical garden zones and landscaping, which gives you the solace of being in nature’s lap.

Back to Nature

We believe Mother Nature has the supreme power to change our lives for the good; this belief is evidently reflected in our theme – “Back to Nature”. Soon after the Garden City inspired us, giving nature a large share became our very goal. The result is the group housing project which not only boasts of a luxurious lifestyle with its luxury apartments but also the rich feel of flora in and around.

Whether, the Green Dragon, the Gardens, the Recreation Zones or the Play Areas – Azea Botanica is maintaining its goal of creating a green and fresh environment for its residents. Moreover, there is no compromise on the amenities offered, ranging from Health & Fitness to Recreation & Entertainment.

The flats at Azea Botanica are not only future ready but designed to make a home which always keeps you in a blissful mood. In addition, the combination of Luxury and Nature makes it a perfect place to live in today’s times. Azea Botanica is nearing possession. Come to us today and book your space to begin the journey of quality living for the rest of your life.

Now living a Singapore Lifestyle is no more a distant dream for you and your family. Reach out to us and do not miss the opportunity to live your dream.

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