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Singapore in Lucknow

About Garden Lifestyle of Singapore Singapore is an intriguing blend of Western modernity and Asian culture. For first-timers, it’s an ideal way to get familiar with the way of life in Asia. Within an area of about 700 square kilometers, you’ll find gleaming skyscrapers, Chinese shop-houses, Malay mosques, Hindu temples, and endless chains of air-conditioned shopping malls in Singapore. It is safe, clean, green and proud of its reputation as a Garden City.

Singapore’s dazzling shopping malls, beautiful steel-tempered buildings and roads, lavishly done restaurants, pubs, and other food joints, lovely residential areas, business parks, and exotic sightseeing options established the ethnic and happening milieu of Singapore. This place assures for its residents the quality lifestyle they desire. It is counted among the best cities in the world in terms of living standards. The lavish amenities offered by Singapore comprise of a clean and safe environment, extensive medical services, comfortable housing facilities, world-class education and much more. Because of its cosmopolitan culture and extravagant lifestyle, it charms the tourists and has become one of the most admirable tourist destinations in the world. It is also worth noting that Singapore is the 13th most expensive city in the world for expatriates.

The primary working language of Singapore is English. However, this Island country is a multi-cultural society. Information and telecommunication facility of Singapore are also well established and it actually helps in connecting this small country with the rest of the world. Moreover, cost-effective and convenient are the terms that aptly define the public transportation of Singapore. The country boasts of a socio-cultural environment and celebrates every festival with loads of enthusiasm and passion.